What Sort of Medical Marijuana Products are Available?

| December 13, 2017 |

Since 2015, the Florida Department of Health has designated licenses to dispensaries that have meet the highest standards of cultivation and distribution. The medical marijuana products offered by licensed dispensaries come in the following forms:

Oral Solutions or Sprays

Oral solutions contain purified cannabis oil in a liquid form and are ingested with the help of a dropper that aids patients measure their dose. Oral solutions can be squeezed from the bottle directly under the tongue or taken with food and beverages (i.e. dropped into water, juice or onto a meal). In the case of an Oral Spray, the solution is sprayed onto the tongue or into the mouth.

Benefits: Easy to control dosage for a very low dose, Mild taste, Preferred method for children.


All vaporizers (or vapes) sold by dispensaries in Florida are pre-filled with cannabis oil made from cannabis plant extract and natural terpenes. The process of vaporizing means the cannabis oil is heated so that active cannabinoids can be inhaled through a mouthpiece on the vaping device.

Benefits: Easy to use, discrete and the onset of effect is quicker. For beginners vaping is an ideal way to control and monitor the effects of medical marijuana.


Medical Marijuana capsules contain a precise dose of active cannabinoids in the form of purified cannabis oil. This form of ingestion means it takes longer for the effects to kick in.

Benefits: These pre-dosed capsules can be easily swallowed and the duration of the effect is typically longer.

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