How Do I Get My Medical Marijuana Card and Purchase Medical Marijuana?

| December 13, 2017 |

In order to get your Medical Marijuana Card and be able to purchase medical marijuana products from a Florida dispensary, you will need to complete the following the steps:

  • Book an Appointment with a Plants Not Pills affiliated physician in your area by calling us at 1-800-203-5124, email or visit and book your appointment online.
  • Note: All of our affiliated physicians offer a special 20% special discount on Initial Medical Marijuana Consults for Veterans of the Armed Forces. If you are a Veteran, make sure to get your coupon code at
  • Show up for your physician appointment at least 15 minutes before scheduled to fill out any required paperwork.
  • Once you consult with one of our physicians and he/she confirms that you qualify, your physician will enter your personal and initial order information into the Compassionate Use Registry and you will be sent an email with the application form and next steps to getting your physical Medical Marijuana Card
  • Complete the Medical Marijuana Card Application form and mail it to the address indicated on the form along with the photo for your physical card.
  • Once the Office of Medical Marijuana use processes your payment and application, you will receive an email with your temporary ID card number that you can use to while you wait for your permanent ID in the mail (you may use your email with the temporary ID number to purchase Medical Marijuana). At this point contact Plants Not Pills at 813-603-3107 to be transferred to a dispensary and receive a special promo code for lifetime discounts on medical marijuana products.
  • Over the 4-6 weeks it takes to receive your Medical Marijuana Card, Plants Not Pills will send you email newsletters in which you will find invaluable medical marijuana education and special offers on the medical marijuana products recommended by your physician.
  • Once you have seen your physician for a final follow up and received your Medical Marijuana Card, contact Plants Not Pills directly at (813) 603-3107 to be connected with the dispensary who has the strains/products for your condition as well as a promo code for significant discount on your lifetime purchases.

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