Why Should I Choose Plants Not Pills for My Medical Marijuana Needs?

| December 13, 2017 |

Plants Not Pills is your access point to safe, effective medical marijuana. Our team of medical cannabis specialists will:

  • Connect you with a medical marijuana physician in your area who will assess your condition and qualify you for a medical marijuana card
  • Provide Medical Marijuana education on usage, strains and methods of delivery
  • Access those in need to Disability, Veteran and Palliative Care lifetime promo codes and discounts for medical marijuana products
  • Regularly send you special offers and incentives for various dispensaries throughout Florida
  • Provide administrative assistance with Medical Marijuana Card applications and renewals

Here at Plants Not Pills, we believe in equal and safe access for all Floridians seeking natural symptom relief. This is why all of our services are free of charge. However, please note that physicians’ fees for Medical Marijuana consultations are not covered by insurance at this time and are paid out of pocket by the patient. In addition, though we offer significant promotional codes and discounts through various licensed dispensaries, we do not cover the full cost of the medical marijuana you purchase.

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